23 November 2017

2017-11-12 purple black vinca  Cr.jpg

A new shade of vinca flower.  Austin found it, loved it, put it on Beamer’s grave.

*     *     *

I’ve got heaps of photos to share this week, but first a little life lesson:


Austin and I were driving to Suva yesterday and it was raining and – OH DRAT – there was a leak from the door dropping right onto my thigh.  Austin told me to paint it down the door  I had no idea what he was talking about, and got a bit irked … but he kept explaining.  So – ok – I ran my finger with the water across the door rim toward the front – and it made a new path for the water.  The drip moved to beside my feet.  Way cool!  and way better!

*     *     *

Teak seeds on a leafless tree, and the same seeds in Kiki’s hands.   We had so many leafless trees, it looked like autumn.

*     *     *


Kishore and the digger,  because Austin always sees more possibilities.

So now better access to the lower areas, and a big level site right below the pavilion.

2017-11-10 digger 3  R.jpg

*     *     *

From Junia

2017-11-07 Junia pumpkin crop  R.jpg

His pumpkin crop.

2017-11-13 stubborn weed - not sweet potato  R.jpg

An exceptionally stubborn weed he wanted me to photograph – look at the size of that root, and it is not edible – darn it.

*     *     *

At the market

2017-11-09 beautiful local capsicums R

Magnificently beautiful capsicums [bell peppers] grown locally!  Yummy levu!

*     *     *

At the neighbors’ places

House blessing ceremonies – I attended two of them in the last 2 weeks.  Everybody has put up much fancier prayer spots, the “Hanuman flags” have gotten way fancier too…. and for the first time I noticed how much green bamboo is used.

2017-11-16 born yesterday  Cr.jpg

Born Yesterday.  Literally.

(I was out with Kiki, and he is the one who first saw the calf – and he was so excited.  But what interested him even more was the neighbor squirting the milk from the udders into a bucket.  🙂 )

*     *     *

Happy Chicken Stuff

2017-11-09  VanLevu workshop  5 R.jpg

A workshop with ladies from Vanua Levu.  Here Austin has them in the pen with chickens and many different leaves, letting them see which leaves the chickens like best.  This is practical training in learning to use local wild plants for chicken food.

2017-11-19 HC super circle pen  R.jpg

The most recent version of the “wire circle pen” –  an engineering marvel!

2017-11-20 giant rooster  R.jpg

And – the big granddaddy rooster – 6.7 kg  (nearly 15 pounds).   Wowsers.  Probably the largest chicken in all of Fiji.  He developed a foot problem and was becoming lame, so Austin had to slaughter him, and this was his memorial photo.  Resting in peace (in our stomachs).  (Is it ok to mention he was tender and tasty?)

*     *     *

In the orchard

2017-11-20 sugar plums  Cr.jpg

A big crop of sapadilas (sugar plums) – yay!  We visited our Malaysian friend Shantini yesterday – she and her father got all excited when they figured out we had chicu, their word for this fruit.  The way we knew we were all talking about the same fruit is by agreeing it “tastes like molasses.”  Yummmmmmmm.

Finally –


Best News of the Week!

2017-11-20 mangosteen flowers  R.jpg

Mangosteen is flowering!   Austin planted it eight years ago.  It usually takes about ten years to start fruiting.   Mangosteens are God’s absolutely most delicious fruits on this planet.   I’m salivating in anticipation!

*     *     *

A very happy week to you all.

*     *     *

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