16 November 2017 – the complete post

First of all – to those who get the blog in their inbox – I apologize that a DRAFT got posted.  OOPS.

*     *     *

This is Xav – and he was a guest at our farm a few months ago.

IMG_20171020_103840 Xav 1 R

He loved the chicken project.

His mother is an artist and his father works for the company that makes the beautiful bamboo lamps, and somehow Xav managed to put it all together in his own idea to raise money for the Happy Chicken project.

This is his mother’s description of Xav’s project:

Xav has a little surprise for you all, we hope you are happy about it.

This morning Xav dropped off a selection of decorations to an amazing local gallery called Birdwoods.

Birdwoods is run by a wonderful family who we have know since we arrived in the Hawkes Bay, 12 years ago. Louise and Bruce are the owners (Louise is in the pic with Xav). Louise agreed to stock Xav’s creations and not take a cut of the profits. Xav has created these to raise money for your Happy Chicken Project.

Xav first drew the animals and then we had them made from bamboo. Every packet has information about the project, farm and a link to your facebook page. Xav is working on the next designs of a chicken and a kiwi…

Xav just wanted to help Austin and you all to keep doing what you are doing. One dollar at a time, but I hope we can get a bit of (at least) local press about what Xav he is doing and the Happy Chicken Project.

IMG_20171020_103855 Xav 5 R.jpg

We are  delighted and overjoyed on so many levels by this act of sweetness.   Words cannot describe.

*     *     *

Normally I would go on at this point to describe a few other things, but because of the misfire, I want to get this out quickly instead of spending another hour getting the rest together.  It can wait til next week.

So – happy week everybody.  Lots of love.

*     *     *

5 thoughts on “16 November 2017 – the complete post

    • i know! Children are like the light of the world with their pure spirits when they are raised with kindness. Xav is a total sweetie. And …. yeah …. I will never save notes again in wordpress itself – that was a learning experience!

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