2 November 2017

2017-10-23 Kiki with new pink flower  R.jpg

Kiki with some flowering wild turmeric on some neighbor’s land near here.  Akka took this photo.  I asked him why we don’t have these flowers – we have lots of wild turmeric.  He says it is “Fijian wild turmeric” – not real turmeric.

*     *     *

The official guests I told you all last week that might be coming Did Arrive.

2017-10-26 US Embassy staff visit  R.jpg

They are members of the U.S. Embassy staff – from left to right Simi, Tiny, Mark and Maria.  They came to see Austin’s work.  He was hoping they would tell him there is funding available – but mostly Mark, the main guy, was telling him other places he might be able to find project funding.  So it goes.

*     *     *

This week Austin got the far field plowed.  You can see some of that burned hill I was talking about last week.

2017-10-28 plowing Cr


The main purpose of this plowing is to have a place to grow coconut trees without the weeds choking out the saplings.   We still have 10,000 saplings that are supposed to come from Taveuni, since before TC Winston.  Maybe soon.

*     *     *


2017-10-28 ducky cuteness 1 R

Ducky cuteness in the chicken pen – a clutch of ducks eggs got hatched there.  Problem was the ducklings did not know which duck was their mother.  They followed one and then another, never sticking.

2017-10-28 ducky cuteness 2 Cr

They finally decided on HER.

Then, in the hatching room, a first:

2017-10-28 egg after rat attack Cr

A rat came and ate from an egg in the middle of the night.  We’d never seen that before.

And a Four-Legged Chicken!  We really had never seen THAT before either.

*     *     *


A coral work consultancy for Austin and an overnight vacation for me.  We went to Plantation Island Resort.

2017-11-01 Resort Village R

Into a resort village of sorts, where it was a bit of a challenge to find our “bure” (house).   I relied upon this cycad tree

2017-11-01 cycad tree R

as my landmark.

Happily I made a little friend

2017-11-01 Hermit Crab Cr


thought my friend didn’t like me at all.   Oh well.  Farewell, my hermit crab.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

Oh – PS.   We saw some new roof construction with fake thatch over roofing iron.  There is a stage that plyboard goes on.

2017-10-31 fake thatch roof construction Cr

Austin thought the plyboard went OVER the iron for the thatch to attach to, I thought it went UNDER the iron as insulation.  Looking at the stages and even taking a photo, we were not sure.

On the boat trip back I talked to two fellows who are from there … and I WAS RIGHT!   The order is framing, plywood, iron, then thatch.  So now you know  🙂

*     *     *



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