7 September 2017

It is a short week, folks.  Austin took off for a UN conference about Something, in Auckland.  Before he left, he insisted I take a photo of this:

2017-09-01 nest of ducky joy Cr

A nest of ducky joy.

And of this

2017-09-01 Duck from shell Cr

A duck about 75% hatched.   Duck on the Half Shell.

*     *     *

Right now I am on bus and ferry journey taking me to Labasa (big town of Vanua Levu, island to the north), going to another funeral.  The deceased is Austin’s and my dear friend Jone Salele.  (pronounced Cho-nay Sa-lay-lay)   Though I was shocked and deeply sad when I found out he died on Sunday morning, I’ve accepted the inevitable and am ready to celebrate his life.

Jone IMG_0714

(I may dust off my “Celebrating the Baha’i Calendar” blog and do a proper write up about Jone there when I get back.  Isa, isa!  Jone, Jone!  Big heart!  Big shoes to fill!)

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody … and do not take your peers for granted!

*     *     *

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