3 August 2017

2017-08-02 hen on incubator Cr

The old girl is in some kind of big hurry – has laid her egg on top of one incubator and in front of another one.   These are on my porch and I try chasing her away, but she won’t leave.

*     *     *

It was a slow week for me, except on Monday Austin went to Suva and left me on hatchery detail.  I didn’t take photos – but gee whiz!  What a lot of work!   Every 2 hours I had to transfer newly hatched chicks,  give bigger chicks (maybe 150 of them) water and food.  Every 4 hours I had to roll all eggs in the 7 in-use, not-the-hatching-one, incubators. ….  It’s a wonder to me that Austin gets anything else done and doesn’t forget the babies.

*     *     *

2017-08-02 repaired sock Cr

On Tuesday I repaired my favorite sock that now had holes on the bottom.  I did this by cutting up a very sturdy cleaning cloth, with the plan to sew it on the bottom like footy pajamas.  As you can see, I succeeded, but it wasn’t easy.  How to sew onto shrunken knit-ware?  I thought, “What would Grandma do?” and came up with DARNING EGG.  In my case it was a Wee fruit for part of it, and my actual foot for the rest.  It worked good enough!

*     *     *

2017-08-03 sketch sock R

On Wednesday I sketched.

*     *     *

2017-07-28 cows in lorry Cr

And today I found THIS in my camera … a sight that you don’t see very often:  Cows in a Lorry.

*     *     *

Wishing a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Austin …. and happy week to all the rest of you.

*     *     *


5 thoughts on “3 August 2017

  1. Wow….Nice drawing of a sock Kim!!! Happy birthday Austin!!! Sending love from joyce lee and Lee3 in NC!!! Wish we could be there right now… maybe you’ll send photos of the orange flavored popcorn that Akka invented..? Enjoy it for us. We spend time imagining all the things you do there.

  2. Thanks, Joyce. I passed your b’day greeting to Austin – we wish you could be here, too. Good idea about the popcorn – maybe next week – but the look of popcorn is NOTHING compared to the taste (YuMMy)

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