27 July 2017

2017-07-26 simple joys Cr

Simple joys.  My sweet neighbor Jeeya pulls a leaf off the living fence, snaps the stem and blows bubbles.  For real bubbles, just like you get with soapy liquid and little wands.

*     *     *

Mostly it is work, work, work  here right now.

Austin unpacked more of his hatchery gizmos.  They are on our porch because the big new building is waiting for the electrician to show up.  The new machines are a “hatcher” on the left, and a fancy little incubator on the right.

*     *     *

The professional bee guys (Marcus and Satish) came to talk with Austin about something, and pulled three of our boxes with about sixty pounds of honey, for Akka to extract.  Austin swore he’d never leave boxes just lying around after harvest, but things got busy and here we are.  I walked through a thin cloud of bees to get this shot (with a cropped close up).  As I tell Kiki – they don’t sting unless they are scared.  So move slowly and don’t scare them.

*     *     *

And then I see this

2017-07-26 fish harvest 1 Cr

in my kitchen sink.

2017-07-26 fish harvest 1 R

Although it is so cold at night that we sleep under two blankets (yeah, really), in the daytime it still gets hot.  And it is so dry that the pond level has dropped.  And Austin was yelling that the fish in the ponds were all going to die and they had to be harvested NOW.

So it got started.  And we had a big dinner of fried fresh fish – YUM.   And, the tale of my poor swimming pool is as sad as ever…..

*     *     *

I’ve been trying to decide what to name this section  “Look what the cat dragged in.”  OR  “Welcome home, Ma.”   What do you think?

2017-07-24 Tarsi home Cr

Tarsi: the exile has returned.  We gave her away after she bit one human too many.  But the friends who took her cannot keep her any more.   Her children (Torsett, Gogo and Po) did not recognize her on her return, at least they did not torment her.   She seems happy to be here and acts as if she remembers home.   So she is on probation.  As long as she behaves she gets to stay.

*     *     *

Happy birthday, dear Akka.  He is 30-mumbledy today.

And happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

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