20 July 2017

Back from Canada now.  Here are a few treasures from my trip.

Flora:  This beautiful water lily/lotus in Mill Lake Park.  (Several years ago I had photos of this lake frozen with ducks skating on it.)

2017-06-29 lotus in Mill Lake Park Canada Cr

Fauna:  A bear came to the first grade.

2017-06-27 a bear came to grade 1 Canada 1 Cr

2017-06-27 a bear came to grade 1 Canada 2 R


Chickens:  I saw this feeding set up at a petting zoo, and wanted to show it to Austin.

2017-06-20 chicken feeding set up Maan Farms Canada Cr

Hey, Austin – look at the PVC pipe dealio!

*    *    *

And now, on my return ….

Flora:   A mystery weed.

(The kids are there to give perspective to the size of the weed plant.)

More Flora:   I was told this is a “Raksha Bandhan” flower

2017-07-17 Raksha Bandan flower Cr

I guess it must bloom this time of year.  Raksha Bandhan – the brother/sister celebration – takes place each year in August.   (Some excitement coming on that front; stay posted!)

And Food:  Akka has started with chili condiment production.  Woo hoo.

2017-07-19 Akkas delicious chili condiment Cr

*    *    *

That’s it for the weary traveler returning home.   Happy week, everybody!

*    *    *




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