13 July 2017

2017-06-11 almonds 1 R

Guess what.

Almonds!   Local Almonds!

A young neighbor showed these to me – and had me taste them.  Yummy!

2017-06-11 almonds 2 Cr

But still not quite believing it, I needed to see an “almond” in the shell.   Yep – that looks pretty much that the unshelled almonds I’ve known.

2017-06-11 almonds 3 Cr

And here are some almonds on the tree.  (Boy do the insects love those leaves…)

Dang!  I have tree envy.

*     *     *

I’m on my way home from Canada as this goes to press.   When I get home, I will see about getting some almonds planted on our property.  I may have to (shock!) take up some horticulture my-SELF.  (oh no)

*     *    *

2017-06-13 Curly Joe the Okra R

And an oddity –  Curly Joe the Okra

Happy week, y’all.

*     *     *

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