6 July 2017

2017-06-10 rainbow papayas R

Rainbow papaya.  Austin was so proud of it, he insisted I take a photo.  It tastes as good as it looks.  He thinks we are the only people who have this.

Who knows?   He could be right.

*     *     *

I am still in Canada.   Hope you all have a very happy week.

*     *     *


3 thoughts on “6 July 2017

  1. That pawpaw or papaya, is a cross between the Fiji local yellow papaya and the Hawaiian solo sunrise.. it happened by chance at the farm. We have planted a lot of the seeds and hope that the trait is maintained in the second generation- if so we are thinking of naming it Sigatoka Sunset. It is a lot sweeter than the local yellow pawpaw and is a lot bigger than the Hawaiian pawpaw, plus the tree is branched and so it should live for 5-7 years versus only 2-3. AND The color is wonderful, so lets keep our fingers crossed that it will breed true as it could be a real contribution to small farmers.

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