29 June 2017

2017-06-10 a man and his chicks Cr

A man and his chickens…..

I left Austin with his birds and left to take my Canadian grandson home.   This is how things stood when I left two weeks ago.  I’ll be interested to see if thing have changed when I get back.

2017-06-12 incubators 1 R

The small incubators he ordered on the grant from South Pacific Community (SPC) arrived.

2017-06-12 incubators 2 R

He opened one to put it to use.  (The plan actually is for these small ones to go to communities down the line.)

2017-06-12 incubators 3 R

He also put his old beat-up one from Texas back to work.

He is/was trying to get a lot of babies born before a series of Happy Chicken workshops taking place while I’m away.

2017-06-12 breeding house 1 R

And this is the status of the hatchery he is building.  It has been taking a while to get built, but now our friend Kaiyum is here, on task – working hard to get it done.  The cement floor is in.  Framing for the walls has started.  Old doors from the Suva house are getting re-purposed.  Water tanks are in place and only need gutters.

And I see one more new hen house behind it.   Chicken Villas.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody!

*     *     *


8 thoughts on “29 June 2017

    • Hi Shottie,
      Austin and I have about 30 acres of freehold in rural Fiji (we’ve been VERY lucky). Grandson Victor lives in British Columbia. Where he lives is suburban. I have never seen kids running together or playing in the front yards here. Fiji is way more like suburban U.S. in that regard. The summer flowers here sure are spectacular, though !

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