8 June 2017

2017-06-02 Eucheuma seaweed from Kiribati 1 Cr

I’ll catch everybody up a bit about Austin’s trip to Christmas and Fanning Islands in May.  This is a valuable seaweed he found growing there, that the folks had not been using.  It is in the eucheuma species.   It can be boiled into a jelly that is excellent for eating.  It is used commercially in diapers, paint, ice cream and toothpaste, all kinds of things.

Luckily it is not a restricted species, so Austin was able to bring some home.

2017-06-02 Eucheuma seaweed from Kiribati 2 Cr

Here he is planting a string of it at a safe place on the coral coast.

*     *     *

A bit more about Kiribati – the Line Islands (that is Kiritimati – Christmas, Fanning and Washington).  Austin got to two out of three.  They are VERY far from the main part of Kiribati, and also very far from each other.   He was able to find some corals to rescue in Fanning that he was able to bring back to Christmas, and he now has a very good coral nursery there, with heat-tolerant corals that are better able to survive bleaching events.

Friends there showered him with presents to bring home.  Here are some of them:

2017-06-08 Kiribati handicrafts R

Shell necklaces,  a lovely shell basket and a Kiribati flag.

*     *     *

Yesterday, Austin made me go along on a trip to the “far land.”  We have been blessed with kind neighbors who would rather have us buy land their family doesn’t need, and so we were able to buy this 20 acres several years ago.  Junia and Guy in particular are looking to fully develop it as a permaculture site (as opposed to a Chicken Playground, like the rest of our land).  Slowly, slowly.   Austin recently got the digger over there to repair the road and clear out some of the brush.

2017-06-07 going to the far land 1 R

Junia is loading up some plants to take over for planting.

2017-06-07 going to the far land 4 R

Here is a shot looking up the valley at the field of our future crops.

2017-06-07 going to the far land 2 R

Ju and Ratu unload the truck on the land – for a morning of planting.

2017-06-07 panorama Cr2017-06-07 panorama Cr2

The rest of us go up the hill in the truck, to view the world from the top.  Here is a panoramic shot from there (in two pieces)

2017-06-07 going to the far land 3 - marked

And finally, looking back at our house (circled in pink).

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody!

*     *     *



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