1 June 2017

2017-05-31 meyer lemon R

It’s JUNE (on this side of the international date line)!  And meyer lemons are in season.

It is also Duck Nesting Season.  Junia has collected hatched-out ducklings from two different nests and put them in the incubator room to keep them safe from hawks.

2017-05-31 duck nesting season R

I found this sitting duck beside the kitchen.  All these years here, this is the first time I’ve seen a duck nest.

In the “cute construction” category, Junia constructed a trellis for our Pearl Dragon Fruit cacti.

2017-05-31 pearl dragon fruit 2 R

The small pearl dragon fruit plant is at the base on the right.

Going up the hill to take the tinker toy trellis photo, I was quite surprised to see THIS:

2017-05-31 what is wrong here -- roosters Cr-marked

What’s WRONG with this photo?    I will tell you!

Whenever I told anyone in Rabi about Happy Chicken, I started off with the best ration of Roosters to Hens.  It is 8:1.  Six to ten females for every male.   In the photo above I have put a blue dot above every rooster and a pink dot beside every hen.  Twelve roosters to seven hens!  Sheesh!  That is almost 1:2 … sixteen degrees out of whack.  We are overrun with roosters!

*     *     *

Okay – there was one more photo from Rabi.  My favorite actually.  I didn’t share it because I didn’t know how to.  I sent it a few very close friends, and they liked it – so here goes:

2017-05-21 outbuildings R

This was our bathroom at the home we stayed in on Rabi Island.  It was a typical pair of structures – better than many.   The photo was taken from the kitchen door.

On the left is the toilet – which was a nice water-seal type.  What an improvement over the outhouses Austin and I used when we lived in the Caroline Islands.   But the “strange” thing about i-Kiribati/Rabi custom is that they are not shy about using the toilet – so the wall only goes up shoulder high.  Your head is always visible through the window (unless you choose to double over).   At least the outhouse is well ventilated 🙂

In the middle of the photo is the “shower.”   The tin was about armpit high on me, so it’s definitely a place to squat to shower!

2017-05-21 outbuildings Cr

(close up) Water from the nearby creek is piped in, and the tap is typically left open.  That was a first for me – leaving a shower without turning it off.  Like bathing in a waterfall.   This is also the laundry house.   Ah – hand laundry.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

*     *     *

Austin got home last night from Christmas Island .   This certainly makes my week happy.  May you all have a happy week as well

*     *     *

7 thoughts on “1 June 2017

  1. Good grief – the toilet is on the RIGHT. — obviously. (I’m afraid to ask, “what’s WRONG with me?” because some of you may have very quick answers….)

  2. Dear Kim, sure a cute little guy holding the Meyer lemon. He looks like he is about 5 years old. I think he was pretty excited about getting his picture taken, plus about the big lemon. When I lived in Houston for a while you could grow those large lemons there. The duck sure had build a nice nest to sit in. How many eggs does she have? I think I saw the “Dragon Fruit” under the tire on the Post. What is that used for? Of course I enjoyed the chickens. They are really colorful this time of year. I loved the way you dotted the males and females. Looks like they are about 1-1 instead of 6 or 10 to 1. Ha Your visit to see your friends looks like an adventure. I would have loved that, especially the cold showers. Ha. Hope all is well. I would live to visit sometime this year. Larry

    • Hi Larry, I glad you enjoyed all the details and that you are still thinking about a visit. August is a really good month if you don’t like hot weather. Just saying. Love, Kim

  3. Hello Kim

    We are really enjoying your blog. When I saw the one where the boys fell off the cliff I thought of the dunes. They probably thought it was like coming down from the dunes.

    Hope all is going well with Austin’s projects and the billionaire. We think of you and your family often and really hope to come back some day.

    Say hi to everyone from us.

    Kim and Mary from Chilliwack, BC

    Kim in Fiji posted: ” It’s JUNE (on this side of the international date line)! And meyer lemons are in season. It is also Duck Nesting Season. Junia has collected hatched-out ducklings from two different nests and put them in the incubator room to keep them safe from hawk”

    • Hey Mary, So glad that you are enjoying the blog. Things did go great with Austin and his deep pocketed benefactor …. details coming up this week. And in a surprise turn, I won the ticket for doing escort service and will be the one taking Victor home. So this time next week, I’ll be back in Abby. Maybe we can get together as some point in the month I’ll be there. Love, Kim

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