18 May 2017

I gave my camera to 4 year old Kiki and asked him to take some photos of plants and animals for my blog.  Instead he came back with ART!

2017-05-16 Kiki ke photo 2 R

This is view of the mountains looking west across the railing.

2017-05-16 Kiki ke photo 3 R

This is view of the chickens from the walkway.

2017-05-16 Kiki ke photo 1 R

And, finally, feet on bridge.

*     *     *

Recently we had some houseguests – previously unmet but related to our household.  Raijeli, wife of our buddy and resident carpenter Kaiyum, has a sister who lives in Oz and was visiting here with her daughter and THEIR nephew – son of a different sister.  The nephew is named Robin – a fairly common man’s name for Brits, so I didn’t think much about it.  I had a surprise coming.

Kiki’s actual name is Keith, and he is named for family friend Gerald Keith Robinson. Robin’s actual name is Robinson, and he is also named for Gerald Keith Robinson.  Here are these two namesakes together.

2017-05-08 Kiki & Robin R

There is a third namesake that I know of, Jerry – which is the name that our friend was always known by.  Little Jerry is the grandson of my good friend.

Alas, alas – big Jerry is no longer with us.  And oddly, I do not have a photo of him in my computer.   But I do have some of his paintings, and I just took their photo.

(oops, I think the one on the right is upside down.  or not.)    Miss you, Jerry!

*     *     *

I’ve scheduled this post to come out on time, and when it is going live, Victor and I will be arriving in Rabi.  Adventures await!   I don’t know about internet coverage.  Next week’s post may be unavoidably late.

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *


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