11 May 2017

2017-05-04 danger cliff 1 R

Cliff of death!    There are not too many things around our compound that are dangerous for active boys who want to run and explore.   I never thought my two big grandsons (ages 9 and 4)  would be THAT …. (I don’t want to say “stupid”) ….. uh, um …  THAT clueless.

There is a gravel pile at the top – and they were both playing on it.  According to their reports:  Kiki slipped down on the cliff side – caught air – hit the bottom and cried a bit.  Victor tried to climb back over the gravel pile and he also slipped – caught some air – went bumpety bump and hit the bottom.

Here is that cliff from the top:

2017-05-04 danger cliff 2 R


Here is the full extent of the injuries sustained by the two:

2017-05-04 danger cliff 3 R

(After this, anybody would have to believe in Guardian Angels !!)

*    *     *

The only other thing in my camera worth sharing is the MONGOOSE

2017-05-08 mongoose & Kiki Cr

caught by our dogs!   One got the head end and another got the tail end and they pulled.  The mongoose looks really yucky from the other side … but Kiki, obviously, does not mind.

*    *     *

A storm is in the neighborhood.  If it doesn’t cause disruptions, Victor and I will be off on an adventure this time next week – so the blog will be offset by a few days.

*    *     *

Happy week, Everybody!

*    *     *

4 thoughts on “11 May 2017

  1. OH man that’s scary! How in the world did they do so well? It has to be God.

    I’m in Hawaii now. I so could live here. Will try to write.

    Love, Laurel


    • I KNOW! Both moms know already or I would not have put it in the blog. Glad you are in Hawaii,
      wish it were possible for you to swing by Fiji! Lots of love back atcha.

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