4 May 2017

2017-05-03 new chick house by kitchen Cr

All of a sudden there is a new tin hut I see from the kitchen sink.  I ask.  It is a new chicken house.   Austin is planning to spread the birds out more strategically.

And there’s more!  (one more)

2017-05-03 new chicken house by orchid house R

Behind the orchid house.    This one is easier for me to get to.

2017-05-03 new chicken house grand entrance R

It has a grand front entrance.  No doubt the cement block steps are for the convenience of the humans who will go to collect eggs and stuff.

SPC (South Pacific Commission) kindly gave Austin a grant for these chicken houses as well as the main breeding house (in progress), 100 bags of feed (all gone now, but what a help it was!), and new incubators (due to arrive later this month).   They came this week for a site visit and seemed to be really happy.

*     *     *

Curious readers wanted to know what the helicopter was here for.  Okay.  It was from Kokomo Resort, where Akka’s wife works.  The boss wanted to check out our orchids, and also to talk with Austin about the coral restoration work and the happy chicken project.   He’s over at Kokomo right now, scoping out the possibilities for the projects.

Funny web of connections – our good friend/carpenter’s father-in-law is the chief of the village affected by the damaged coral from that resort.  He and Austin have also been friends for years, independently of our friend’s marriage to his daughter.   They’ve all (carpenter and wife plus in-laws)  been staying in our Suva house for the last few months – getting it ready for us to sell, and are just going back to Kadavu Island this week. What timing!

*     *     *

Maybe it is not the best idea to have chickens running free in the presence of other birds.

2017-05-03 rooster and duck Cr

Just sayin’

*     *     *

Getting Beamer’s grave decorated while son Guy is here.

2017-05-03 decorating Beamer grave Cr

Gravestone in.   Setting the “glass jewelry” into the corners – just a bit of it.     So happy.

*     *     *

CORRECTION to last week.  That wasn’t actually kitty litter: it was really sand – so the cat was not mistaken, I just didn’t expect him to lie down in something he was supposed to poop in.   He is now using it for the intended purpose and is no longer napping in it. …   And he is doing fine.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *


4 thoughts on “4 May 2017

  1. Tears of joy and sadness..to see the beautiful grave of our beloved Mama. Thank you so much all of you for your reverent attention to honoring her in this way. Thank you so deeply, words do not express!

    • I’m glad that this cheers and touches you. Guy is continuing to work on it – doing more plastering and filling the soil for a proper flower garden. He, Mami and Leo leave tomorrow (boo hoo). When it is in its full glory, I’ll take some photos to send around to all the family. Lots of love.

  2. I have been enjoying your blog a lot Kim. I have been very busy, so haven’t had the chance to respond, however, I think I saw Guy in this one. Hope he is doing well, as well as you two. Larry

    • Hi Larry. Yes – that is Guy! Been here nearly a month and leaving tomorrow. He is doing very well, thank you – and so are his beautiful wife and their son. (I lament that they are returning to Japan tomorrow – but they are grown-ups with a wonderful life, and so it goes….) They should be returning in 2019, if you want to consider a rendez-vous! 🙂

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