27 April 2017

2017-04-26 the white X R

A big white X.   You never know what is going on in Granddaddy’s mind…..

On to Fauna and Flora.

2017-04-20 Mr Sanders aka Sandy Dunes 1 R

This is Sandy Dunes, Mad Max, Jed or Mr. Sanders, depending on which family member you talk to.  (Maybe we should have a naming competition: the name with the most votes wins!)   He was found this week at the sand dunes – crying, hungry, abandoned.  Austin says he saw it and if it was a male he would bring “him” home.  Well, it was.  (Austin isn’t a sexist, but it is very hard now to get animals to the vet clinic for spaying.)

I had mixed feelings when I saw him.  The family brought home an abandoned kitty while I was in Canada – and it was killed by the dogs before I got back.  Bringing this kitty home was a toss of the dice.  I’m happy to say so far so good.  He seems to be a smart little fellow who knows how to keep away from those awful canines.

But a funny thing happened when someone made a box of kitty litter for him.

2017-04-22 Sandy and his litter box R

He thought it was Home.

*     *     *

FLORA is such a snooze this week.

2017-04-25 mango flower Cr

Our stupid mango tree that almost NEVER bears because of our morning fog micro-climate – it put out One pair of flowers …. and off season at that.   (This item of info is courtesy of Junia.)

*     *     *


Now I know why Granddaddy made that giant X.   A Giant Dragonfly was coming to visit.

2017-04-27 helicopter R

(needless to say, this was our first ever helicopter.  now the neighbors will know for sure we are gazillionaires)

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

5 thoughts on “27 April 2017

      • Yes. It is a good and artistic photo.
        The trick is not to photograph a thing, but to find the angle from where it looks most interesting.

  1. I enjoyed the story about the x and the kitten. It is too bad that the one kitten was killed. I grew up around cats, so they are special to me. They also love any type of box or paper sack. You can spend lots of money on toys, but they are like children. Give them a box and they will find something to play with. I’m sure the helicopter go lots of looks. We have them fly over my house going to the hospital, but otherwise I don’t see one very often. Hope you are all doing well. It is cold, then warm here. Spring is coming on. We have had 11 inches of rain this week, so the rivers and ponds are full of water. Larry

    • Hey Larry! Glad you enjoyed the X and the kitten talk. Sorry for your weather. We also have a storm in the neighborhood and are hoping it will give us a miss.

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