20 April 2017


“Kim, take that picture.”

2017-04-18 not mowed for 4 months R

Excitement at the Teitei

So I took it.  It’s just grass.

“It’s just grass, Austin.”

“I know – but it hasn’t been mowed for Four Months!”   That’s because his new kabeer chickens are like feathered goats.

Exciting,, right…   yeah.

Ok,  this happened a little bit before that:

2017-04-18 Truck - oops R

When a 4 wheel drive gets in trouble…

One wheel still connected with solid ground, and David had to sit inside with his foot on the brake until rescue arrived… about twenty minutes.   Our wonderful neighbors at Sigatoka River Safari  came over with a tractor  and pulled the truck up.  (I missed all this drama, and just started up the hill as the tractor was leaving. – Got the photo from one of the kids’ phones by bluetooth.)


Maybe in honor of those twin kids (baby goats) last week, the Universe gave me two more “twins” this week.

Fiddlehead fern, a local wild edible plant normally looks like the photo on the left, but for the first time I’ve cooked it, there was a twinned one:

I thought it was odd.  Austin told me to take the picture.

The second “twin” was this:

2017-04-15 twin lid R

Twice as secure

Who ever heard of a double lid on a tin can?   The downside is that Austin won’t let me throw this can away.   Is there a market for such oddities?

My final shot for the week.


It was a first, and so totally unexpected it knocked our socks off:

2017-04-19 Phil Sarah waka & me R

First waka for Teitei

these guests, Phil and Sarah, arrived with a WAKA for us.   A waka is bundle of yaqona  (kava), the ceremonial root, normally presented like this to a village chief.  They had heard that yaqona would make a good present to hosts to say “thank you for welcoming us to your home.”   A small pack of powdered grog does say that – but this size waka says “thank you for opening your entire village to us” – ha ha ha.   We were so shocked!

Anyway, we are very grateful for this valuable present.  We will hold onto this waka, and when it is time to hold an opening ceremony for the Happy Chicken project in some new location  – we will use it to observe the highest customs of Fiji protocol.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *


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