13 April 2017

SNAKE !!!!!

Ready to see it?

2017-04-06 worm snake Cr

Yep.  That’s it.   A worm snake.  Quite wiggly (never could get a clear picture of it’s tiny head with its teensy-weensy forked tongue).

*    *    *

So Austin and I are driving down the road, and he gets all excited because he sees TWIN KIDS in the goat herd on the road.

This is what I see:

2017-04-07 twin kids 1 Cr

Mama Goat kept her body squarely between us and her kids.

Finally, from about 100 meters ahead, I turn back and get them:

2017-04-07 twin kids 2 Cr

Identical markings and all.  I wonder how common they are?

*    *    *

Our horse Ryu went kind of wild there for awhile, but David is back now.  Yay!  I’d say he’s “back in the saddle” except…….

2017-04-12 Ryu re-tamed R

Speaking of tack:  We actually DO have a saddle – a weird local one.  And a few years ago, while back in the US, I bought two proper bridles, but the boys never use them.  They prefer this rope around the neck get-up.  It’s all what we’re used to, isn’t it.

*    *    *

Happy week, everybody,

*    *    *

3 thoughts on “13 April 2017

      • Well. I don’t have problems with snakes, if they are not dangerous. But they are not the company I want to keep in my car for too long. 🙂

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