30 March 2017

( another one-finger smart phone edition )

2017-03-27 mama hen R


The chicks under one of the “biological incubators” hatched.   As much as we’ve kept chickens, I’ve never seen early mothering up close before.  Mama Hen had her wings spread with the chicks underneath.   When I threw some crumbs one chick sneaked out to get it.  So cute!   I thought I’d get a photo later,  but the wing-protection phase was over when I returned a few hours later.


2017-03-25 giant prawn shed R


Junia brought this shed from a giant freshwater prawn over for me to see.  If THAT shell is too small now…WOW!  Austin says it means no one has poisoned the stream lately.   Ju says whenever he finds a big shed, he hides it.

*    *    *

Happy week,  everybody.

*    *    *

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