23 February 2017

I’m back at the farm, and back to blogging.   This is what I arrived to:


A gate at the bottom of our driveway.   Austin had mentioned it in an email, but I forgot and it was a shock.   The gate is completely effective at keeping our dogs from bothering the neighbor kids on their way to school.  It is also a complete nuisance when you need to go anywhere by vehicle.   Ugh.   The lovely cardboard hanging beside the gate is a sign saying “NO LIVE BIRDS — CHICKS AVAILABLE”   We get a car or two at the bottom of the driveway every day hooting to ask about roosters – even with this sign.

*     *     *

I don’t have much more to say.  I’m pooped!  I cleverly executed the Fijian grandparent maneuver and brought one of my grandchildren home: Victor, who is almost 9.  That leads to two little blog-notes about insects:


Mozzies. (who knew young Canadian blood was so sweet to mosquitoes?  The rest of us weren’t being bitten.)


Bees.    Our bee guy brought a dozen students here to learn about bee-keeping, and the little person in the back is Victor in Granddaddy’s extra bee suit.   Highlight of his day was getting to use the “smoke gun” to “paralyze them”

*     *     *

We had a hen that was crazy because Austin stole her eggs from the bush, so she came in our kitchen and tried to set on a 30-egg tray on the counter.  And we have a whole family of crooked-necked ducks still to be documented.  So much excitement at the farm!

It was pretty exciting in Canada, too.


Funny white stuff.


Unusable clothes lines.


And my First-Ever experience of  “poutine” !!!

*     *     *

Happy week, Everybody!

*     *     *




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