16 February 2017 – vacation edition


Needed:  One Wife

Should be good-natured, hard-working, love farm life, be able to tolerate bad jokes  …. oh, and be SINGLE at present.

Applicants can respond to this blog for beginning the vetting process.  (“must pass muster with Mom” – that’s me.)

*     *     *

This came about because I am pre-writing  four weeks of blogs for when I am gone.  I asked Akka and Junia for ideas.  Akka said, “Kiki starting kindy.”  (DONE!)

Ju said, “Advertise for a wife for me.”   I said, “YES !!:”    He said,  “NO, I didn’t mean it – no, no, no.”   But he never came up with a better idea.  So …….    the  ad  STANDS – and I look forward to poring through the thousands of applicants.

*     *     *

This time next week, I should be back at the farm, and a regular Flora and Fauna blog should be posted on 23 February.   Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *


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