26 January 2017 – vacation edition


The day I left on vacation was Kiki’s first day of kindergarten.  How can it be?   Here he is in his school uniform.

This vacation edition is a small retrospective on Life of Kiki.  Working backwards:


I never dated the photos properly.  I’m guessing this is two years ago.


In his first pocket sulu (formal Fijian menswear).


With his  Momo Ju when we harvested all the fish out of the pond.  That was September 2013 – he was a little over a year and a half.


Here he is crawling at about one year.  Our farm staff is behind him, and way in the back is Uncle Maki.


And finally, one of the very earliest Keith pictures (he didn’t have his nickname yet) at about 2 weeks old.

*     *     *

Austin and I agree we don’t know how this happened — we both feel as if we’ve been at the farm for about 6 months, or maybe a year — and we have been here nearly nine years!

I think it is the proof of my Cousin Buck’s “toilet roll theory of time” … which is that time is like a roll of toilet paper: the closer the end the faster it goes.

*     *     *

The vacation editions are for while I am traveling.  Flora and Fauna will resume its regular weekly posts on 23 February 2017.

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

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