22 December 2016

06-26-14 Teddy nap  Cr.jpg

Sometimes I post something just so I don’t break my record of weekly posts – so I hunted in my old photos and found this one from 2014.   I’ll call it  “Hmm …. time to make a cake, what shall I put in it?”

There is a reason I didn’t have photos for the last two weeks: we’ve been hosting an army of kids on school break, doing  … oh, let’s call it “spiritual summer school” (because what WE call it “an intensive” wouldn’t make any sense at all) and community service.  I spend a lot of time hiding in my room!

2016-12-19 power out with army at home  R.jpg

This week we had a flood, a threat of a greater flood, and a power outage that blessedly only lasted 30 hours (instead of 5 days).   Cut off from cell phones, everybody got together to sing.  I caught about 1/3 of them in this shot.   That was fun – they are great singers.

But then, I realized – I do have some actual FARM NEWS !   The photos probably not convey the magnificent news that it is.

This is a Wet Grinder.  Akka did internet research and figured out that the exact piece of equipment to take his chocolate making to the next level was a wet grinder.  We went to town the next morning to see about ordering one – and the Very Make and Model was in stock in our store in Sigatoka!   Shocker!.    So what you see above is the grinder from the outside, and the grinder with very smooth 85% dark chocolate made by Akka inside.  Oh Happy Day!

*     *     *

Here is one more plug for my blogger friend Rabrius – because a “happy week” wish is worth a lot more if it comes with something that will really put a smile on your face:

Winter is Coming

*     *     *

Merry Christmas, everybody.

*     *     *





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