24 November 2016


Junia took me to see this nest.   He says it is an old nest and that’s why lichens are growing on it.   The nest had two occupants, he says, but now there is one.


I guess that is the underside of the beak.  Weird, huh!


And here we have the baby at a better angle, and have a nice sharp photo of the plants below.   (Banging my head and wondering if I got an SLR if I’d ever learn to use it.)

UPDATE:  The fledgling has taken off in the six days since these pictures were snapped.

*     *     *

I went to Suva to check on our house we are prepping to sell and to spring my truck from the car hospital.   Walking up the hill, I saw this impressively completed new building:


The Peak.


I’d seen it going up, but could not imagine it finished.

The next day I found myself eating lunch with my old masseuse who is now a realtor – and she mentioned this building.   The ground floor is amenities and the rest has apartments for rent.   On the first floor (which is “second floor” to Americans) – each apartment rents for $5000 per month !!!!!   Each floor up is an extra $500/month to rent.   Wowsers!

*     *     *

That’s really all I got this week except this photo on the end of the street, on the side facing The Peak.


Just an empty lot – but I believe there were two houses there until recently.  The house that would have been on the left was untenanted from the time Austin and I moved into the neighborhood (2004).  There had been a house fire and two people were trapped inside because of the security grills and they died.   It was big in the news – and I insisted on easy access to exits as we were grilling our newly purchased home.   Strange to remember.

*     *     *

May we all be thankful for the blessings of life.   May we all stay safe.   May we all have a happy week.

*     *     *


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