17 November 2016


I feel a bit like this duck.   Hi, everybody!

*     *     *

On my way to do a survey of the agriculture, I stumble over these…


teak seeds.   Heaps of them.     (If you know of any use for them besides planting, please let me know.)

And the humble star of that small corner:


the Peruvian purple corn is tasseling.

*     *     *

A bit of construction down at the main road.  Flooding has become more frequent, and  people are starting to take it seriously.

2016-11-16 newbuilt flood room  Cr.jpg

One neighbor is building a “flood room” – where she will carry her furniture and appliances in case of flood.


Just beyond, this new house is being built with a full two floors.   (Lack of building codes could end up worse news than the floods, though.  Can you see that concrete porch overhanging without any columns supporting it?!)

*     *     *

I had Kiki along on the walk with me, and asked for him to point out pictures for the blog.  He gives us –


cow in drain.


pretty flowers.  (this is a first for me – short bamboo post with bowl with sand and fresh hibiscus)


more pretty flowers.  (Kiki insisted.)

*     *     *

And now – I’m outta here!


Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

7 thoughts on “17 November 2016

  1. Well the duck looked like he had “been rode hard and put up wet”, as we would say in this part of the world. He looked like he had had a rough few months. I don’t think I had ever seen teak seeds, but the corn we have in this area. The poor cow looked lost, and the flowers in the bowl and in the tires were “Awsome”. They most be late in the season there. Well our season is finally changing. Tomorrow night it is going to be 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. You never think about the flooding so much in the Pacific region – but I think for some islands it really is a serious problem.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    • In our big mountainous island floods have been a normal part of history, and are in fact what laid down our lovely fertile valleys. It is in the coastal areas and the low-lying atoll islands that sea-level rise and floods are causing such devastation – by what I have seen.

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