10 November 2016


I wanted one of the tiny humble daisies.  I tried to focus my camera.  This is what I got.

*    *    *

I wanted a sweet little daisy because I knew that this was the first photo in my camera this week:


The cause of the traffic slow down on the back road above Foodhall in Suva.   Yikes.  (We were wondering how the driver managed to plow into the pole so hard – going UP-hill.)

*    *    *

We have Trouble.  Right here in River City.    Trouble with a capital “T” –  and that rhymes with “P” – and that stands for POOL.


I noticed that David – my son-in-law’s brother who lives with us now and is our number one chicken guy – is gone almost every night … and THIS is where he goes.   I guess the shop got a pool table a few weeks ago, but I only got a photo of it yesterday.

*    *    *

There was also a cow grazing on the side of a steep hill, like a mountain goat – but the photo was too crappy to use.

Also a pile of discarded long red peppers in an isolated spot was quite a mystery, but I walked past without taking a photo.   Since peppers are at least a dollar a heap, such wastage seems really strange….. and the more I thought about it, the farther away I was.

*    *    *

Life goes on.


Cabbages packed up in chicken food sacks, getting ready to go to market.

*    *    *

I was de-cluttering recently and found this old treasure.


One of my little darlings trying embroidery so many years ago.

*    *    *

Why, oh why, did I sing a song from Music Man?   Now I’ve got another one stuck in my head:   There were bells …. on the hill…… and I never heard them ringing …… no, I never heard them at all ….. til there was you……   <sigh>

*    *    *

May we all have a blessed and happy week.

*    *    *


6 thoughts on “10 November 2016

  1. November 10? Are you living a day ahead of us? Or is it the time difference I’m not taking into account.

    Focusing can be hard some time. Recently, I accidental changed a setting on my camera and could only focus on one spot…
    …I had to search really hard to change it back 🙂

    • Leading edge of the dateline. And my camera is just my phone… I’m such a duffer at photography. I’m guessing you must be a photography teacher/lecturer/professor. I marvel at your stuff.

      • Thanks. But no, professionally I don’t have anything to do with photography. I studied art once – but mainly tried to paint. But I always needed a full semester to get the picture right while the others quickly painted picture after picture…
        …and I recently discovered that photography is working better for me.

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