3 November 2016


Such a busy week – I forgot all about my blog until I looked in my date book to get ready to go to town.  YIKES – it’s Thursday (on this side of the date line).

And almost nothing in my camera.  Okay.

Here are some pictures of our party to celebrate some Baha’i Holy Days here at the farm.   Monica, my decorator-in-chief, took charge of prettying up the porch.

The decorations are modest, but I love them.


I was blown away by what she did with the rope light.


Here were the performers.   It was actually a tremendous joy seeing the kids do their reciting, their play and their singing.

Here were the rewards.  Decorated by Monica (of course)!   These cakes had a surprise inside – I had split them and put ice cream in there.  It was “kesha badaam” (almond hair) ice cream – and everybody was ooh’ing and aah’ing at it.   Gratifying to the cook.

*    *    *

We have a special guest at the farm this week:


Daisy.   Daughter of our dogs Po and Torsett.  She’s just visiting for a few days.  If any puppies result – we are to get the pick of the litter.

*    *    *

Happy week, everybody.

*    *    *


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