13 October 2016



Smallest egg yet!

*     *     *

If you remember the newly cut road from last week – turns out there  is a very good clay deposit.  My clever fellow has done pottery in the past, and recognized the potential.

He brought some to the the house, where he and our 5 homestay guests played for a few hours making figurines.  Now they are nearly dry and most are intact.  The clay is quite hard.

2016-10-11 clay on our land  Cr.jpg

Tiny rooster, hen, chicks, cat, pig (the winner), gecko, shrunken head,  surfboard, turtle, horse and more.

Here’s my favorite – though the photo isn’t very good:


a duck with a bucket on its head!

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody!

*     *     *


8 thoughts on “13 October 2016

  1. That’s so neat! Just last night here at home we were daydreaming about having a big house witha huge yard and having a big art studio for pottery and stained glass and all cool artsy things. Then it made me think of the farm (big house- check. Big land- check). I was asking if there’s clay there and we all thought no. HA!

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