6 October 2016


Does Gogo look guilty to you?  (wag wag wag wag)  Well, he is.  He’s been terrorizing the neighbor kids as they walk to school.

We bought him a strong leather collar – bright red – snug.   He wiggles out.  Gets off his night-chain.  Leaves our property.  And doesn’t just go to the fork in the road …. he goes all the way to the detour the kids devised to avoid him.    Baaaaaad dog.   I’m embarrassed.  I want to fire this employee and find him a new owner.

But oh, the lengths my soft-hearted hubby will go to …..

He got the DIGGER here – again – and has put in a road, up around the hill that is Pineapple Circle.  It’s probably three times the length of our driveway up to the house.  the picture on the left shows that it really connects to the feeder road.  The photo on the top right is looking out from one of the curves.  The photo on the bottom right looks up to the tree that is beside Beamer’s grave.   For me it was a tidy little hike.  For hungry young men, it is just a little hop.  Nothing.

So here (as I see it) – we have a problem – new, easier access to our chickens.  We also have another problem – Bad Dog going out the old access to be a neighborhood pain-in-the-butt.  Perhaps 1 Problem + 1 Problem  = 1 Solution.     If we get Gogo securely stationed on this road – he’ll be away from the kids, and he’ll protect our back door.   I’ll let you know how that goes.

*    *    *

The GOOD news this week is that the tamarind tree is full of fruits, and I’ve invited the neighbors over to harvest all they can.

*    *    *

The GRIM news was in the newspaper this week.   Front page:


The headline was “Night Fright” – and it was about thick swarms of termites filling the sky.   The inside story:


More details of the same.  The scariest to me was people saying they could HEAR the termites eating the wood on the inside.   I can imagine it too well.   Poor them – and if the bugs spread, poor all of us.

*    *    *

Love to everybody.  I hope you have a happy week.

*    *    *


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