29 September 2016


I was walking down my road.  My neighbors, out in the field, looked up and waved with smiles – they were back at doing whatever by the time I got my phone out to take the photo.  What WERE they doing digging?   Improving the drain?  Digging a pond?  … About 20 minutes later a Fijian from my household joined me down the road.  “Did you see them burying that bull?” she asked.  ….  Duh!

That’s kind of symptomatic of the whole week.

Actually days earlier Austin was asking the boys here – “Who burned my trees?” … I didn’t know what trees so I didn’t pay any attention.   This week I noticed it:


Good grief – that is right below our kitchen!  And the next time I took a walk, I got a photo of it from the road side.


This is actually a bit of a security issue for our chickens.   So, one more thing to deal with.   Sigh.

Akka and I went to town and there was haze everywhere.   Akka thought it was from burning, and saw one column of white smoke in the distance, but when we returned, the haze was even thicker.   Volcano somewhere?   I decided I’d get a photo the next day – but by then it was clear around here.

Then yesterday we had to go to Lautoka (2 hrs to the west) and the haze was there, and very thick.

Behold.  Needless to say, I do think there is a volcano somewhere kicking fine ash into the air.  That would not only explain the haze, but also my stinking asthma every night.  Ah well.

And on that cheerful note – we were going to Lautoka for a funeral  (at least the deceased was someone older than me).   My friend Venaisi pointed out something that I considered blog-worthy, but first I will set the stage.

2016-09-28 grave house typical  Cr.jpg

Grave decoration with little houses is a standard Fijian practice – we are all used to seeing them.   More than just tapa cloth covering the fresh dirt, family will often raise poles on the four corners of the grave and hang cloth around like window treatments.


Some even have roofs. I’m sorry my photo of this tin roof isn’t so clear.  Just trust me, it was zinc roofing iron.


And this nice wood roof.  (more clear – yay).    So we are used to the little houses with and without roofs.   What Venaisi saw was odd, even to her.


Venaisi said, “Why a mosquito net?”  Why, indeed !

*     *     *

Luckily there is a bit of beauty, so that this week is not all burials and baneful matters.

Walking to a neighbor down a different road, I saw a flower I’d never seen before.  It wasn’t the flower itself that was so pretty, but the leaf underneath it.   Charming.


Then walking home – on my own road ….


Ta da!  The same flower and more of them.  Man, oh man – I just REALLY need to learn to LOOK !

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *




2 thoughts on “29 September 2016

  1. Looks like the weather must be pretty nice, and not too hot. Workers are out doing their projects, but I’m not sure what the purpose for burning the fence row was all about. Kim I found it very interesting they way the people decorate the grave sites. It takes a lot of effort to complete the structures. How long do they leave them?

    • That’s a great idea, Larry …. I hadn’t thought about following up on a neighbor’s crop. The neighbors grow crops for the market – eggplant, okra, pumpkins occasionall, pigeon peas. We’ll see what they’ve got. As for the purpose of burning the fence, it was either accidental or deliberate – and if deliberate the only reason I can think of is to make “off road access” easier (ahem!) – an alternate route to our chickens! As for the grave decorations – they are never taken down. They stay and become weathered over time.

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