22 September 2016


This little sign was posted in numerous places in the beautiful house where I stayed last weekend.   What does it mean?

A Malaysian friend told me it is the Chinese word  PROSPERITY.  Okay.  It is interesting to muse on how different cultures think.

The house we were in was amazing – and I was feeling energetic and so I went around and took a bunch of photos.

Flora – the first thing that hit most of us was the beautiful indoor gardens.  How did the gardener keep those plants so healthy?      The trick, of course, was lots of light, and a gardener with a very green thumb.

Fauna – Early on people were saying to each other, “Have you seen the dogs?”


I looked around and figured they were talking about the statuary.


Though why they’d mention the “dogs” and not the elephants did not compute.  Obviously I was missing something:

2016-09-17 Cho house 16  R.jpg



Gorgeous dogs – not seen in Fiji.  Their fur So Thick!   (I feel a bit sorry for them thinking about summer.)

Architecture –  I loved the view, the peacefulness, the roominess, the different sets of stairs, so many things.  Sorry that I somehow neglected to get a photo of the front entrance.

This is the “vacation home” of a family that lives in Suva – about 20 minutes away.  The owner is a farmer-turned-businessman, who planned to retire to it and got bored after a month!   Now the family uses it when they want, and other times rent it out for events and the like.  Frank, the oldest son, came by to see how we were getting on … and it turns out he knows my son Guy!  (They both graduated from Yat-Sen, about 4 years apart)


My last shot of the beautiful Cho home:  a couple of the guys paddling out at sunset to set some crab traps in the mangroves.

*     *     *

The really big news of the week:   WELCOME HOME, JUNIA


He was gone to Australia for more than 2 weeks – taking a Permaculture Certificate Course.   He PASSED  (it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?   ha)   “You can take my picture, but don’t take my face.”    (Gee whiz.)


He came back with delicacies.   (And just this morning was kicking himself because he forgot to buy a big jar of Vegemite.)


And here is a slice of life.  The key element is the uprooted ornamental plant on the right, that is now recovering in our nursery.

*     *     *

Have a happy week, everybody.

*     *     *



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