15 September 2016

2016-09-15 Beachouse hermit crab  Cr.jpg

One perfect photo – that’s what I was aiming for today.  Sorry!  I waited more than 45 minutes for this hermit crab to emerge – what a shy crab! – never known one so immobile that was still alive!

Austin and I are at The Beachouse (with a free room – YAY) – while Austin and a small team are doing some planting of corals.  I’m only getting to spend one night – duty at home calls  but it’s been great.

I am happy to give this place a very enthusiastic plug.  Here is their site  http://www.hostels.com/hostels/coral-coast/the-beachouse/1007?source=BingGlobalGenericsDeskHCEN    Cute rooms with private garden showers (with hot water), friendly happy staff, and an approachable owner who is really committed to a healthy environment and harmonious community.

*    *    *

The other photos in my phone are not worth sharing:  peaky little cornstalks, Kiki lifting home-made weights (that’s cute, but this isn’t the Grandchildren Weekly Report.)

Hoping you all have a happy and healthy week.

*    *    *


6 thoughts on “15 September 2016

  1. I enjoyed seeing the Hermit Crab picture. The last time I saw one was when I was staying for a week with a friend in Puerto Rico. He is a Navy doctor and lived in a home on top of a hill. I don’t know how they got there, but there were several. They must have been looking for food. Hope things are well. We are beginning to have a touch of winter here. LG

    • Could they have been baby coconut crabs? They live in borrowed shells, too, while they are little. Maybe hermit crabs could go way inland, but I never saw it. Another possibility, I have seen is that the crabs got brought home to play with. Did your friend have kids at home?

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