25 August 2016

2016-08-24 Po  0r.JPG

Po wanted to say hello this week.  She is named for the star of Kung Fu panda, who is named for the White Dragon in Mah Jongg (probably), and whose name means “white” or “blank.”

Actually, I spent the whole week on a fun writing project and only walked around with the camera yesterday.    I’m just going to take you on the walk with me in the upper yard.

First off:   what do you do when it stops raining?

Cut the grass!!


2016-08-24 jackfruit  0r

It’s jackfruit season again.  Already!

2016-08-24  Kabeer meat birds  0r.JPG

Here are the real stars of the show.  These are “kabeer” meat birds, bred in Pakistan -which Austin got from the feed company.   These birds are only 3 months old and very large already.  Unlike commercial hybrid meat birds, the kabeer birds are very smart.  They are out eating leaves and bugs on their own all day long.   Austin is very happy because these have a lot of potential for being good meat birds for Happy Chicken projects once he breeds them with the very best naked-neck rooster.   He’s planning to produce a Fiji Super-Chicken!

There were other chickens out pecking everywhere, I didn’t bother photographing.

2016-08-24 no imagination  0r

THESE are the ones that tickled me.   I could identify with them.  The door is wide open and they are still in the house, hanging out.   Perhaps writing a screenplay in their little chicken heads.

2016-08-24 Mulberry blooming  0r

The mulberry tree up by Beamer’s grave is blooming again.

2016-08-24 geese  0r.jpg

Oh – and the fish pond is really FULL of water and the geese are having a blast.

2016-08-24 feather  0r.jpg

What a SOFT feather!   I LIKE it!   Not a chicken feather.   Oh, it must be from a duck.

2016-08-24 poop  0r.jpg

Here are some ducks (just around the corner).   But HEY, what stupid creature gets up on their cage to poop?    (I asked Dr. Smarty Pants – he said it was some roosters stayed out one night and decided to sleep there.)

Enough for this walk!

*    *    *

A couple more items, though.

2016-08-24 Sandalwood blooms  Cr

The sandalwood is blooming.   Austin says there are lots of seeds and he’s just scattering them now.   Many of our neighbors have many sandalwood trees growing, just from seeds the birds carried over.


2016-08-24 doughnuts  0r

Junia made DOUGHNUTS last night.    Yum!!

(The photo is of them not yet cooked – quite a process)

*    *    *

Hoping you all have a Happy Week.

*    *    *






4 thoughts on “25 August 2016

    • Like I say – you should visit some time (and try to twist your brain around Hindi). My project was a screenplay for a 12-minute movie that explores the fluidity of sense of age. The script is done. Some day I’ll go over to the uni and see if the drama department wants to give this low budget project a try. (If you’d like to read it, let me know)

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