4 August 2016

2016-07-30 starfruit etching of floor  R

What the heck?!   Austin called me over to get this “good photo” for my blog.  Austin and Kiki smashing fruit on the dining room floor in their bare feet.  WHY?   Actually, there was an answer:   this is starfruit, which is highly acidic, and which Austin was using to “etch” the floor before he repaints it.  He thinks it will cause the paint to stick better and longer this time.  We’ll see….

2016-07-30 praying mantis 1  R

A few days later Kiki comes running over to my house to show me This.  WHAT?

2016-07-30 praying mantis 2  Cr

THIS!   A little praying mantis.   (It took a lot of tries to get this clear picture … that insect crawled all over Kiki, who somehow was managing not to flinch, even when it crawled over his eye!)

Now for something Austin found fascinating, and I found just plain gross.

2016-08-01 very funky chicken 1  Cr

A very funky chicken that Nigel’s mother and brother had with them during their visit.   That is not a normal rooster comb.

2016-08-01 very funky chicken 2  Cr

It reminds me of Austin’s cultured coral colonies.   Fine on a coral, gaggy on a bird.

Finally, a conversation with a neighbor:

2016-08-02 round up 1  Cr

I was taking a morning walk and met the new person who has moved into a neighboring house.  His name is Praveen, and he is from Ba (a province where they do a lot of cane farming).  Praveen was taking advantage of the windless morning to spray herbicide on the weeds.

He told me how good the spray is because it is quick and gets the job done.  Before they had it, they would spend hours weeding between the cane and then just a few weeks later, they’d have to be weeding, weeding, weeding again.

2016-08-02 round up 2  R

It’s clearly effective, but  Austin doesn’t use it.  There have to be some non-poison ways that are not too labour intensive.  Junia will be going to a permaculture certificate course in Australia next month.   Maybe he’ll come back with some good solutions.

*    *    *

Austin got a GREAT birthday present yesterday.  Some government official came by about the feeder road.  The government is going to take over maintenance of it!   We’ll be getting grating and gravel!    YAY!!

*    *    *

Happy week, Everybody.

*    *    *


6 thoughts on “4 August 2016

  1. What interesting things! I thought it was very cleaver to use the star fruit to etch the floor. I know it is acidy, but I didn’t know it affect the cement that much. I was also interested in the chicken comb. What an amazing growth. It looked quite healthy though. As a child I was always fascinated by the praying mantis. I don’t remember ever having been afraid of one. I’m not sure what purpose they have. I guess I will have to research their habits. As for the spray used on the vines, it reminds me of the roundup they use on the fields around here. Afterward the field an unnatural look of death. I have never liked it. They say it preserves the needed moisture—they call it no-till farming. Hope you are all well. Keep up the good work Kim. LG

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