28 July 2016

2016-07-26 Fiji apple  Cr

This week Austin showed me this “Fiji Apple.”   I’d never heard of a Fiji apple before..

2016-07-26 Fiji apple leaf  R

He also brought a leaf, and was all enthusiastic about the Parallel Venation – which shows that it is a plant from a very primitive, old line – like cinnamon.  (Even more primitive is gingko, but I don’t understand how or why.).  In any case – the proof of the “apple” is in how it tastes.

2016-07-26 Fiji apple cross section  Cr

You can see from the cross section, it doesn’t look much like an apple.  Doesn’t taste much like one either.  Austin says that’s because it is green – it would be sweeter when it is more ripe.  Excuses, excuses…..

*     *     *

My unlikely best friends:

2016-07-25  ANT friends at Toorak house  Cr

Yep, that is ANTS, just ants, crawling across the wall in our house in Suva.  We are delighted to see them.   Fact is, ants eat termites, and we had a termite problem.  We were worried last time we came because it looked like spiders had come and eaten most of the ants.  But, no, the ants are back.   YAAAY !!

*     *     *

The highlight of my week.

2016-07-25 garden at Intl School   Cr

This cute little garden is on the campus of the International School in Suva.  Austin and I have a couple of friends who are teachers there.  The sixth grade teacher friend had arranged for Austin to go talk to his students about science at 10 am on Monday.  Then the third grade teacher friend arranged for me to talk to her students about WRITING – at 8:30 am the same morning.   We read my blog, and the “Cast of Characters” – and the favorite part for all of them is my nickname for Austin.   So when Austin finished his talk and we were leaving, there were a bunch of kids just waiting for him to walk by so that they could all say,  “Hi, Dr. Smarty Pants!   Bye-bye, Dr. Smarty Pants.”   (After his dignified lecture before, he really did not see THAT coming!  ha ha ha)

*     *     *




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