21 July 2016

” Ain’t it great to be home?”  [not rhetorical]

Here’s what I came home to:

Austin in hog heaven because he has the DIGGER here.

Never mind the noise and the dust – it’s a DIGGER !!  Making changes to the LAND … specifically making a bigger terrace around the new chicken house.  But this won’t be all.

2016-07-20 digger 3  R

Five days later, here is the digger engaged in filling in the perched fish pond* that Austin had him dig two years ago.  Does anybody else think this is a bit nutty?

While we are taking this romantic walk, Austin notices the cactus.

2016-07-20 damaged cactus  R

“What happened to the cactus?  What ate it?,” he asks himself aloud.  A few seconds later he comes to his answer.  “The Geese.”**

Honestly, the digger and the geese damage is not the worst of it.  The star of my complaint-fest …. but before I get there, does anyone remember the Beverly Hillbillies – and Ellie May and the “cee-ment pond”?

stock Ellie May and cement pond

Here is a fuzzy stock photo, the best I could find.   Ellie May was frequently seen with her “critters” in this pristine pool.

And this here is OUR “cee-ment pond”

2016-07-20 cement pond  R

Good God almighty!   It not only has fish in, but baby crabs,  and Austin deliberately took the ducks to it!   This is what happens when I leave the farm for two months!  Anybody feel like taking a swim?   ICK !!!

Okay – this is supposed to be a feel good blog, so I cannot end on this.  The week actually started off very happy.

Austin took ten dozen chicks to Suva side – spreading the Happy Chicken love.  Here he is giving 67 birds to family in Naisogovau.

2016-07-15 Happy  Chicken 1  R

This is not the first time he has given chicks to the Whippy family.

2016-07-15 Happy  Chicken 2  R

You can see really nice fenced cage for the small chicks with fresh grass.

2016-07-15 Happy  Chicken 3  R

And here the fenced pen for the older birds, who are about 4 months old and are just starting to lay eggs.

2016-07-15 Happy  Chicken 4  R

Here you see the happy proprietor.  (Actually his wife does most of the work, but I failed to get her photo this time.)

2016-07-15 Happy  Chicken 5  R

Everybody is happy with the Happy Chickens.

*     *     *

One other treasure.  I have been saving this one for a slow blog week.

2016-04-14 Everett's painting  R

Austin’s dear cousin Everett died last April.  Among this things was this drawing he did.  It is endearing.   Lot of fauna among the flora here if you look closely.

*     *     *

Corrections Austin suggested just before I post this week.

* “perched fish pond” is more properly called “toad breeding facility”

** it was the chickens eating the cactus.  He caught them at it.

Have a happy week, everybody.

*     *     *







8 thoughts on “21 July 2016

  1. Once dry season is over and the ducks have their breeding pond again, then we should be able to turn the cement pond back into a swimming pool. But we need a permanent solution to the annual disappearance of the pond. Or I can move to Hawaii 🙂

  2. Kim I enjoyed the pictures in the blog this time. I really enjoyed seeing the picture you received from Austin’s cousin’s painting. When I first saw it I thought it was a sand painting. It is beautifully soft and colorful. I’m sure he would be glad to know that someone found it worth keeping. The little guy with the chick was cute, as well as the other chickens. I really want to make a trip out to see you all this year. I think it would be a rewarding trip. Hope you are all well. LG

  3. Hi Larry, So glad you enjoyed the photos. So very glad you liked Everett’s folk art. And, as for your trip out – “I’m from Missouri: SHOW ME.” ha ha ha. Kim

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