30 June 2016



2016-06-24 Roofs solar  R


From the balcony of Clara’s 17th floor apartment one thing that strikes me is how many roofs have solar panels.   At least seven in this photo – and I saw about the same amount everywhere I looked.   This is a great development.

The next day Austin heard sirens.  Clara and Nigel saying, “Don’t worry – it’s normal” didn’t do any good.  “It’s FIRE TRUCKS,” Austin insisted.   It’s a FIRE.

2016-06-28 roof afire  Cr

He was right.

*     *     *


Austin got us an invitation to visit a coral restoration facility on Sand Island.  Normally I expect tours like this to be a big snooze – but I really liked this place.

2016-06-28 HI coral 1  R

Here is a big aquarium outside under shade cloth.  On the right you can see corals growing on hanging  lines.

2016-06-28 HI coral 2  Cr

In a flat tank outside lives this mushroom coral.  I’d only seen dead ones.  I like the little green tentacles coming out, and was surprised to learn that the long valley in the middle is its mouth.

2016-06-28 HI coral 3  Cr

They have their own weather station.   Then we went inside.

2016-06-28 HI coral 4  R

Some Guy -“Did you just take a picture of the cactus?”  Me:  Yes.   Him – “WHY?”  Me: Uh, because I write a Flora and Fauna weekly report and I needed some flora.   The girl with the desk beamed.

2016-06-28 HI coral 5  Cr

Ooh.  Pretty!   (oh Geez – Austin just told me that this is WORM, and the feather duster is its feeding apparatus.)

2016-06-28 HI coral 7  R

To me this looks like a pastry display.   One thing I  learned in spite of my quest for ignorance is that the triangle bases have a specific long-term purpose.  When the corals grow and fuse, they are positioned back-to-back as a large square, and then they fuse into a pyramid that is then relocated to the reef.

2016-06-28 HI coral 6  R

This is a tank of rare Hawaiian corals.   Every tank has ONE fish inside, but also some snails and little crabs – they are the sanitation department, eating algae etc.

2016-06-28 HI coral 8  R

One of the lab techs then played with the lights so that we could see the fluorescence in this tank.  It was a great little light show – but this was the least fuzzy of my photos.

2016-06-28 HI coral 9  R

My favorite:  wearing fringe to prom night!  (Tubeastrea, for those who want to know)

2016-06-28 HI coral 10a  R

And off to the lab of the mad scientist – bubbling flasks of strange “coral food” (I wanted to put this in as a gif, but don’t have the skills yet.)

2016-06-28 HI coral 11  R

Ha ha.  I asked the Boss of this office what this was – he said a student made the drawing to illustrate some point:  thermometers are inaccurate.

2016-06-28 HI coral 12  R

Sign says “Do not dump anything hazardous – drain goes to the ocean.”    And  there it is.  It reminds me of the kitchen sink at the farm, going straight out to the avocado tree.

*     *     *

Coming up next week – trip to an Eco Dairy in Canada!

*     *     *




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