23 June 2016

2016-06-16 Farmers mkt 1

LOCAL veggies!  Right in the parking lot of Clara’s seventeen floor apartment building.

2016-06-16 Farmers mkt 2

And yummy (looking) stuff, too.  I’m not sure what this is, but we didn’t buy it. **

*     *     *

Our of the house a bit more this week – Clara and I went to see her former classmate give a Magic-and-Origami show for preschoolers at the local library.  It was charming.

2016-06-21 Library show

Here he is performing the story of Peter Pan with a green crane Peter, a party shop Hook, and a large origami boat.  He had many more props, tricks and ideas.  Inspiring.

*     *     *

And now for the BIG trip out of the apartment!   It all started with Austin overhearing a man on the plane talking about doing chocolate production on some Pacific island.  So he eavesdropped (of course – anybody who might help Akka pursue his chocolate career is somebody worth listening in on).  Afterwards, he introduced himself – and got us invited out to a farm this week.

2016-06-18 Bills farm da guys

So here are da guys.  Left to right – John, Austin and David from the plane.   As I got it, John and a few others have like a government lease on this wonderful farmland and have been here for many years.  David lives and works elsewhere, but sharecrops his cocoa on this farm. John and friends are all working on the clean up and protection of the local bay as well.  (Guess who didn’t take any notes.)

2016-06-23 defend Hawaii


This is that Bay’s group’s spin on some popular logo of “defend Hawaii” with a machine gun.    Kūpale might mean “independent” …. I’m not sure.  But either way, having enough local food to feed all the resident and visiting mouths is self-reliant in the most satisfying way.  (For all my diets, starvation has zero appeal.)

2016-06-18 Bills farm tomato

Man, were these delicious!  This is some variety of heritage tomato – and is so sweet!  Who’d have guessed.

There were trees dripping with kavika (in Fijian), called Palauan apples in Palau, and mountain apples  elsewhere.

2016-06-18 Bills farm cocoa

The cocoa was amazing.   Pods so red.  Big, too:  these end-of-season pods were noticeably larger than ours, but David said they get much larger still.

2016-06-18 Bills farm special taro

Here was the star of the show – though it didn’t look like much to me.  Taro growing in ponds, and the fresh water is on some kind of flow through system.  This is called a lo’i kalo patch.  It is the only way they grow taro in Hawaii – ancient technology.  Austin thinks is is the solution to Fiji’s taro beetle problem.

2016-06-18 Bills farm Austin told me to take this

And a shot that Austin told me to take because the leaves were pretty.  I don’t know what tree it is.

2016-06-18 Bills farm end of the road

*     *     *

How many weeks have I been at Clara’s so far?  Maybe five?  Anyway, in all that time we never had uninvited fauna.  But this week I’m pretty sure I heard Austin say something about how if he lived here, he would tame some birds.

2016-06-21 house guest

Now we’ve got a new houseguest.  Oh goody.

*     *     *

**  PS – that second photo from the top was a Pearl Dragonfruit!  That is something that Austin has growing at the farm, but it has not fruited yet.

*     *     *










4 thoughts on “23 June 2016

  1. I recognise those dragon fruit from China. Flesh inside is white with black dots. Not a very strong flavour – but maybe your variety will be tastier!

  2. Hi Kim, you will love the Dragon fruit. We jad it in China. I ate it everyday when it was in season. On Jun 23, 2016 3:23 PM, “Flora and Fauna Weekly Report” wrote:

    > Kim in Fiji posted: ” LOCAL veggies! Right in the parking lot of > Clara’s seventeen floor apartment building. And yummy (looking) stuff, > too. I’m not sure what this is, but we didn’t buy it. ** * * * Our > of the house a bit more this week – Clara and I went to s” >

  3. Dragon Fruit!!! Wow. Believe it or not, I’ve seen those in a grocery in Tulsa. I haven’t eaten one, but I’m sure they are good. I hope things are going well. I enjoyed this blog a lot. LG

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