9 June 2016

2016-06-08 sidewalk removal 1 Cr

Well, Friends, it was slim pickings again this week.  The ONLY thing I saw of interest in the last seven days was this digger and dump truck 16 floors below me, tearing up a sidewalk.   I’d never had an aerial view of a dump truck before, and also was mystified why someone ordered the removal of perfectly fine sidewalk.


The better news for whose only online connection to our family is this:

AUSTIN’S  TEDx  TALK WAS POSTED ON LINE THIS WEEK!    Here is the link:  Austin’s Talk      Austin does a good job of explaining the connection of coral reefs to the health of the whole planet, and offers hope and guidance for preserving and restoring reefs.

2016-04-28 TED 1  Cr

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