2 June 2016

Dear Diary,

I am going Stir Crazy.  I have not been out of the apartment complex since the baby has come home!

What have I been doing?   Well, there is Project Runway.  There is Netflix.  There is Facebook …. and there is Jamberry!

2016-06-02 jams for boredom  Cr

Every day a new look……  it passes the time.

…. and then yesterday, Clara and I go downstairs to pay the rent.   There is news in the Tower News.

2016-06-01 tower garden 0  R

But what the heck are Tower Gardens?

We go to another office to get Clara’s new residence card – and looky here!

2016-06-01 tower garden a  R

I just heard about this five minutes earlier!

Ta da!   This one is full of salad greens and cucumbers!

2016-06-01 turtle carving  R

And Samuel, the nice carver I met on my earlier trip, is around here somewhere, because this office had a number of beautiful sculptures he has done.   I will keep looking for him.

2016-06-01 KPT poster R

I still like KPT a lot…  BUT …. I’ve gotta get out a bit this coming week..

*     *     *

I’m going to close with the website for the nail wraps that have brought me a lot of joy while I’ve been cut off from my usual outdoor existence.    Clara’s Jam Page

Have a happy week, y’all.

*     *     *



1 thought on “2 June 2016

  1. Well a Tower Garden was a new one on me. It looks like it would work, and with a light source, it could grow, 24 hours a day. I hope you had a good time in Hawaii. I need to go back there again soon myself, except my cousins don’t have a home there anymore. Hope all is well. LG

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