12 May 2016

20160508 Cocoa heart  Cr

Akka pointed this out to me: remember the stuff going around about vegetables being good for the body part they resemble?  There were inside slices of carrots for eyes and the like.  Well, this is Akka’s contribution . Good for the heart is….. Cocoa!

20160508 cocoa beans  Cr

Here are more of the beans, some still stuck together fresh from the pod.  Akka’s chocolate production has continued to improve, and he now gets a really rich chocolatey flavor, this by longer fermentation.  Yummy.

*     *     *

I can’t believe how much has happened in the last week.  Only looking at my few photos makes it real.   One week ago I went to see my young neighbor who moved to Suva and to have dinner with her and her aunty and uncle.

20160506 washed jeera 1  R

What on earth was that under the TV?   Kitty litter on a serving tray?  I had to ask.

20160506 washed jeera 2  R

Not kitty litter but something equally improbable:  washed jeera.  Jeera, cumin seed, is a common spice.  My friend’s aunty washes and cleans all the spices from the store before she uses them.

*     *     *

I was present for a long meeting in Suva for the weekend, and came home to this:

2016-05-05 HC workshop 2  R

Austin’s first ever Happy Chicken Workshop.  Eight dorm participants, two day participants and resident staff for two full days of training.   Everybody was so stoked by all the information.

*     *     *

Then Project Everest arrived with 10 people to stay for nearly 3 weeks, except that on Day 3 I took off for HAWAII, where I am now.

No photos, but the trade winds right are like a tropical storm.  Sheesh!

Akka will be sending me news and photos from home and/or I’ll write about  Hawaii.  Anyway, this is arriving a day late because I am sticking with Thursday and I have crossed the date line.

Have a happy week, Everybody!

*     *     *

2 thoughts on “12 May 2016

  1. This was a very interesting edition, Kim. I thought it was interesting about the cocoa bean, as well as the comment about vegetables being good for the body. I still don’t know if carrots really are good for the eyes. I have eaten them all my life and I still wear glasses. The tiny seeds that were left to dry under the TV did look like litter. Ha. It did look like people were having fun at the Chicken Workshop. I should have come for that. Hope you are all well. I still want to come during our winter sometime and visit. LG

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