7 April 2016

2016-04-07 noisy gnereator  Cr-dec.jpg

MAN oh MAN – can you hear me over this racket???  

2016-04-07 peaceful meadow on old Valley Rd  R.jpg

This is how our week started.  Peaceful.  Driving down the old Valley Road (somewhere in this pic is a sheep, so Austin says.  I can’t find it.)   We were taking home a gent and his dozens of just-purchased chicks.   Turns out he was a former mayor of Sigatoka.   “What was your greatest accomplishment while in office?”  I asked.  “The Melrose Bridge,”  he replied.

stock Melrose Bridge.jpg

Wow.   Our lifeline to Suva.  Erected just a few years before the old bridge got torn in two by a flood.

2016-04-07 tallest mango tree ever  R.jpg

Down at his place by the river stood the tallest mango tree any of us had seen, somewhere around 80 feet tall.

2016-04-04 Carol pottery  R

Then we had Beautiful Guests.  The mother is a potter and gave Austin and me beautiful mugs and a matching bowl.   And she and Austin talked pottery.

2016-04-07 pottery shards  Cr

When she and her party came back from a trek to the sand dunes, they had shards. Actually a big heap of shards.

2016-04-07 pottery new pattern  Cr

And Austin was all excited about a pattern in the pottery he had not seen before.

As soon as they left, it started raining. Cats and dogs and frogs and guppies worth of rain.   Floods-worth of rain, though our fields aren’t submerged yet.   FEA turned the power off 3 days ago (hence the generator).   More rain is falling, more is scheduled, and we have a category 2 hurricane predicted for the wee hours tonight.  So I will send off the blog a day early, in case something goes amiss with the Digicel tower or (choke) our twice-a-day generator.

So here I leave you–  with a happy sculpture made by a young artist from the Beautiful Guest party:

2016-04-07 rooster sculpture  Cr.jpg


*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *



4 thoughts on “7 April 2016

  1. We have had to use our generator a couple times during long power outages. I hate the noise, but it’s worth it to keep the refrigerator and some lights going. Sure hope the hurricane passes you all by.
    Chris and Ed

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