31 March 2016

2016-03-31 the brownest egg  Cr.jpg

The brownest egg any of us ever did see, and it belongs to one of our chickens.  It is a small egg and so we can assume our hen has just started laying.  Oh how we hope she will turn out to be a good layer and that we can breed for these rich looking eggs!

The only other good news this week was that I saw three lambs on Valley Road.  Lambs!  But the driver kept going and I didn’t get a photo.

Now for the bad new (not news to anybody who is a Facebook friend of my hubby):

2016-03-31 the ugliest sunglasses 2  Cr

We all caught pinkeye from Kiki who caught it from a guest last weekend, and look like extras in some Halloween horror extravaganza.   Austin posted a photo of his eye on Facebook; I think these glasses are gruesome enough.

The public health spokesperson has asked all infected persons to stay home – but sooner or later, we run out of food.   I went straight from the car to the nearest shop to get dark eyeware.   And then I joined the throngs of Cool Folks in Shades on the street and in the stores.  It’s an epidemic of discomfort and inconvenience

2016-03-31 the ugliest sunglasses 1  Cr

Thank God it isn’t something that blinds or kills.

*    *     *


6 thoughts on “31 March 2016

  1. Those are some very pretty eggs 🙂 Is it easy for you to identify the perpetrator?

    Pink eye. Remember having a bad bout of that as a kid. Not nice 😦 A pair of those rose-tinted glasses sure would come in handy till it wears off! Gute Besserung.

  2. Austin would find the brown-egg-mama if she would just drop a few more. Still waiting.

    Rose-tinted glasses – you’d think they’d be the perfect camouflage: the red would wash out! But alas the puffiness would be visible – so I’m sticking with Sandra-Bullock-incognito black. As if her housekeeper’s most indigent third cousin would be caught in the pair I just bought. Once I don’t need them, I’m going to go buy me some better ones.

  3. Wow! Pinkeye! I had it when I was little, and I remember it itching and watering. Not good! The eggs are cool. The brown one is really brown. A lady not far from where I live sells blue, green and brown eggs. I think they taste different! May be my imagination.

    • When you come here someday, Larry, we can do a blind taste test with the different colored eggs. Austin claims they all taste the same – but it’s not scientific until we do a TEST !! (Happy to let you know the pinkeye is gone now. Yay)

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