24 March 2016

2016-03-24 hidden object in sky  R

Find the hidden object!   Answer will be at the end.

I do have a bit of fauna news and flora news this week.   First the little tragedy yesterday.

2016-03-24 site of the accident 1  R

The chicks in this cage are 2 and 3 weeks old, and are not so smart.

2016-03-24 site of the accident 2  R

See how they huddle when scared?  Well yesterday we had a sudden deluge, and by the time Austin arrived, NINE chicks had been suffocated by the mob.  Not drowned.  Suffocated!    Killed by fear.  Oh well.

Now for better news.

2016-03-24 five minute chicken pen  R

Austin and Junia’s five-minute chicken pen.  It’s the first time they’ve just made a circle of chicken wire.

2016-03-24 five minute chicken pen last stop  R

They’ve been using it for a few days – here is where it was yesterday.  I didn’t find this pen remarkable, but they both mentioned it to me.   According to Ju:  It’s easy to make, easy to move, accommodates three times as many birds, and uses less material than the pens that take half a day to make.

2016-03-24 ironwood seeds  Cr

Flora Time –  The ironwood tree  (in Fijian “velau”)   This is only found in Fiji, and now ours is making seeds.  Weird seed – not quite a cone.J

2016-03-24 ironwood  R

Junia said the growth of these trees is really impressive – it was shorter than me when it was transplanted last year. ….  (Akka chimes in “You have to have a picture with you in it for scale.” ……    UGH!  ….  He grabbed my camera……  oh the shame…..)

2016-03-24 ironwood scale  Cr

So yeah, the tree has grown (and so have I) – and there is the five-minute chicken pen from another angle.

Holi - stock image

I was wearing the raggiest rags I’ve got because I fully expected the neighbor kids to come throw powder all over me for the festival of Holi.   They have not arrived yet…..

*     *     *

I close with the answer to find the hidden object contest from the top.

2016-03-24 hidden object in sky  Cr

Yes,  the helicopter really is in the top photo.  I tried to get it and thought I didn’t, but ha HA, I DID!    This was the best photo I took from our  “happy new year” picnic at the beach this week.

Joy to all !!!

*     *     *





4 thoughts on “24 March 2016

  1. Too bad about the chicks. Pigs will do the same thing. The pen works. I think that the tree must be kind of willow. Nice picture with the elephant ear. Wow! A helicopter. Happy Easter to all.

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