17 March 2016

2016-03-17 panorama to bamboo R-marked

It’s been a wild week – so there will only be two stories, told in three parts, and all relating to the panorama photo from our dining room.  Note the two yellow circles.

STORY NUMBER ONE:  Remember I told you about the BAMBOO CANNONS last year during Diwali?  Well, we got a battlefield earful last week.

2016-03-17 burning bamboo 8 Mar  R

On 8 March our neighbors set fire .to a stand of bamboo  It was so dramatic – flames shooting sixty feet into the air, with the ka-POW ka-POW ka-POW of exploding chambers.   Of course our dogs also went crazy, jumping over the gate to get into the house and hide in our shower room.   Austin was yelling at me to get my camera, which I didn’t.  This photo is courtesy of my tech-savvy 16 year old neighbor who also got a video of the burning bamboo spectacular.

STORY NUMBER TWO:   Once upon a time I was an RN.  I even worked in an emergency room on night shift for my first year out of school.  As far as I know, I never actually saved a life…..

2016-03-17 adrenaline vials  R.jpg

… until 11 March – when a delightful, fit, 22-year-old guest went hiking, and got 19 or so wasp stings and went into anaphylatic shock, and would have been DEAD before we got him to the hospital if we had not given him shots from the two vials missing from this photo.   (He has recovered; I am still in shock.)

STORY NUMBER ONE (cont’d):   I saw the burned out bamboo – it was only 20 meters or so from my neighbor’s house!  Sheesh – I would have freaked out so much with that big a fire so close to my house!

2016-03-17 burned out bamboo  R.jpg

So I asked my 16-year-old neighbor why they burned out the bamboo – why didn’t they harvest it to use it?

He said they couldn’t.  It had big hornets’ nests in it.  That is why they burned it out.

So let me show you that top photo again:

2016-03-17 panorama to bamboo R-marked

Burned out bamboo on the right, site of the “wasp attack” 3 days later on the left.  Coincidence?   I think not.

*     *     *

stock shamrock

*     *     *








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