3 March 2016

2016-03-03 papaya party 1  Cr

What on earth is this?  An Indian wedding in the papaya field?

2016-03-03 papaya party 2  R

Just about.  It seems some Indian farmer (perhaps now a divorcee) cut up his wife’s saris to keep the papayas from getting sunburned, since the shading leaves got blown away by Winston.

2016-03-03 cinnamon 1 R

More Winston fallout – our cinnamon tree in Suva went down.  So Austin cut it into logs and brought them home to the farm.   Here he is scraping the outer bark off.

2016-03-03 cinnamon 2 R

Then the inner bark is cut off in strips that will curl.   And THAT is cinnamon sticks.

2016-03-03 Laundro-spa 1  R

Last of the post-cyclone items this week:  my Laundro-Spa!   The creek was not appealing the week before because it was so muddy – but by last Thursday afternoon the water was clear and clean.   Aaah……

2016-03-03 Laundro-spa 2 R

Truly a fun way to spend a morning – both for me and for my young grandsons.

2016-03-03 last puppy  Cr


The last pup left.    A little female and not fluffy.  We will find her a good home, but she is not considered a top prize although she really is the smartest of the pups.  I want to find her a really good home.

2016-03-03 old man and his chooks  R


Somebody got my camera and took this shot.  It reminds me of some good news:  Austin was visited by South Pacific Commission (SPC) this week, and they pledged a hefty sum toward his Happy Chicken project.   This will be enough to buy a GOOD incubator, and also to complete the construction of his new chicken pen.   The new pen will be able to pass the “qualified exporter” standards.

As other agencies scramble to provide immediate relief,  Austin and the Happy Chicken team are looking toward food security for the longer term, as it will take at least two years for the most devastated areas to fully recover.

*     *     *




4 thoughts on “3 March 2016

  1. Dear Kim, how interesting this session is. I really appreciated knowing how cinnamon is processed, as well as how they protect the papaya from getting too much sun. Very interesting. I enjoyed the spa, puppy and chickens. I have a soft spot in my heart for chickens anyway, because when I was growing up we always had them running around in the chicken yard. Hope you have recovered from the storm, and that Guy and his family enjoyed their stay. Hope to make that trip myself sometime. LG

    • Hi Larry, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I expect all this stuff to be around for a long, long time, and that we’ll be here when the time is right for you to visit. Lots of love.

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