25 February 2016

stock Winston damage  R

You may have heard: we had a hurricane.  And I’m glad to tell you this is NOT a photo of our place.

2016-02-25 downed tree  R

This is more like what the damage looked like around our place.  Austin tells me he lost the cashew trees and the sapadilla (“sugar plum”) trees – and that’s about it.

But the power is still off.  We have a small generator for running the incubator.  Will it be enough to save the hatch?   We’ll know by tomorrow.   And how will the following 2 weeks’ worth of eggs do?   Probably not well at all, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I thought you’d like to see this.

2016-02-25 Laundro 1  Cr

The Laundromat.

2016-02-25 Laundro 2  R

The Washing Machine.

2016-02-25 Laundro 3  R

The Washing Machine with its Power Source.

2016-02-25 Laundro 4  R

The Rinse Cycle !!!

I thought I’d do laundry every day, but then I kept hoping the power would just come on and I put it off.  Two days ago the power was restored up to Mahen’s Export, only 1 km. away. Thus far and no farther….

Alas, now the communal water tank is empty – no power to pump it.  We will try with our little generator, but I’m not too optimistic.    Anyway, I’ll go back to the “Laundromat” this morning, I guess.

Last shot for the week.   The only damaged house I saw in all of Valley Road – down near the water treatment plant on the way to town.

2016-02-25 worst damage on Valley Rd  R

A bunch of people came to stand in the door as we were taking the photo.  Made me feel guilty, as if I were treating their disaster like entertainment.  So we stopped again on the home with some groceries.

And now I realize, I should have bought myself another Victory Bar (laundry soap).  Drat.

*     *     *







9 thoughts on “25 February 2016

  1. Well Kim, it looks like you had some high winds at your home. I’m sure you are feeling like you are lucky compared to lots of people on the Island. I have seen many pictures on the internet and it could have been much more serious. I guess the majority of the storm actually missed Fiji. We are in tornado alley, so we know how devastation these kinds of storms can be. My thoughts are with you during the recovery time. Larry

    • Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I think parts of Fiji got the full brunt of the storm because the eye passed over. When that happens you get the WALL of WIND, both coming and going. It does not get stornger than that. And as for tornadoes – I’ll take hurricanes any day. More predictable!

  2. I hear there at 37 dead from this ferocious storm, and we are so sorry to hear it kim. Is there an aid source that you can recommend for those who lost everything? Austin says there are many without food or water.

    • Hi Joyce, New body count is 42 so far. The Red Cross does well. I don’t know of any other organization on the the ground in the affected areas. But a friend who was here and has a house in Koro is personally organizing something for the people on Koro Island (a very badly hit location). Her name is Denise Allman and she is my friend on Facebook. You can contact her if you like.

  3. Hi Kim and Austin and the rest of the family,

    Just wanted to let you know we have been thinking of you all and the rest of the community in the valley in the aftermath of the hurricane. We are so glad to hear you are ok. We have many fond memories of our time on the farm and were saddened to hear of and see so much damage across the island on the news. There’s also been many reports of the resiliance and positive outlook of the Fijian people which is heartening.

    Sending you best wishes and hopefully the power will come back asap,

    Aimee, Ken, Owen, Mia & Niamhyxxx
    P.S. The pool looks awesome!

    • Hi Aimee,

      Thank you so much for touching down and also for all the kind wishes. Your hope has been fulfilled 🙂 (Power is on now and water pump is also working!! YAY!!)

      We also feel sad and sick at the news of devastation in areas that received the full fury of the cyclone. Austin is working with friends to see what part our farm can play in recovery efforts – perhaps getting his chicks out to affected areas.

      Love, Kim

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