18 February 2016

2016-02-18 funny hibiscus R

Here is a funny new hibiscus with my favorite flower show host.

Earlier this week Austin brought candle nuts for me to photograph, and I thought they were boring and then they were lost.   BAM!  Suddenly it was Wednesday, and nothing in my camera.

So I asked visiting son Guy to help.  He suggested the mushroom that sprung up overnight.

2016-02-18 mushroom mom  Rjpg

“No, Mom – you took a bad picture.  Let me.”

2016-02-18 mushroom guy  R

“Isn’t that better?”

Followed by explanations of photo composition, Rule of Threes, sweet spot and the like.   It all went over my old gray head.

2016-02-18 shadows R

Shadows of the two of us on the trail.   Who looks like a triangular lump?

2016-02-18 puddles  R

Puddles in the road on the walk home.

I confess, I’m not really into the flora or the fauna right now.  Finally (amazingly), there is a production team in place for a radio drama I wrote three years ago.  I am having a roller-coaster blast trying to rewrite what I thought was a finished play and I now see is a crappy first draft…. because it is Going To Be PRODUCED…. starting in a few weeks!

Anyhoo, that is all I had until this morning when I got another happy shock of drama news.  Steven Good, the family friend “Hollywood actor” who did the coconut oil shoot for me in July 2014 ….

got a leading role in a newly released Hollywood movie!   NIGHTMARE NURSE.  (ha ha ha ha).    Take a look at the trailer – I think this movie will at least earn back its production costs – it looks like a fun Date Movie.     Here is the link:  https://www.tugg.com/events/86429

*     *     *

May you all have a week that is as happy as mine just ended!

*     *     *






7 thoughts on “18 February 2016

    • Thank you, Simone. It really is sucking out all my mental energy right now. We also have a hurricane in the neighborhood. …. so it is work, work, work while the power lines are still up!

      • I understand that… you gotta take a break sometimes, don’t feel guilty! You’ll get back to FFWR eventually, with your energies and your enthusiasm renewed… as long as you’re not forcing yourself to keep it up while your head and your heart are really trying to be somewhere else – that can kill it!

        …of course, one can always post an ickle mushroom to keep the punters happy 😉

  1. :If this stinker storm really does hit us and really IS a category 5 (what the current posts are showing) – I’m going to be off line for a few weeks, choice or no choice. … But if it is a category 1 or 2 – well THAT will be “interesting”!

  2. I am behind on your blog. I have been pretty busy since I am getting healthier. I enjoyed reading about Steven Good, and I watched the trailer for his movie. It looks like an interesting plot. I’ll have to watch it when it is released. I was relieved to get your message about the damage from the typhoon, and also glad I postponed my trip that way. I’ve been thru two tornados in my lifetime and don’t want to add a typhoon. I hope you are all well. Love, Larry Tell Guy I was looking forward to seeing him.

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