11 February 2016

2016-02-11 m Ryu.  Rjpg

My daughter-in-law Mami is the guest photographer for the week.   These were some of the jewels in her camera from this morning.   First up,  my son Guy gets to see his horse Ryu (“Dragon”).

2016-02-11 m dog in water  R

Winky plays in the creek (or goes fishing), because the creek is running, because it’s been raining!

2016-02-11 m pups  R

Son Leo and cousin Kiki play with the puppies.   (Austin has fallen for the fluffy white female and is trying to figure out how to justify keeping a fifth dog.)

2016-02-11 m chicken feeding  Cr

Leo feeds the chickens.  I bet he doesn’t get to do THIS in Fukuoka!

2016-02-11 m hive check  R

Our bee man comes to check the hives.  We do not harvest honey, but we do end up with some honeycomb.

*     *     *

Bowden men are a hairy lot.   What can I say?

2016-02-11 m mustache boys  R

*     *     *





2 thoughts on “11 February 2016

  1. I really enjoyed seeing Guy’s picture. I won’t be able to make it this time. I realized my passport had expired, so I have to renew before I make any trips. I really was considering coming to visit, and would have really enjoyed spending the time with Guy. I hope you are all having a great visit and you will let me know when he is visiting again. LG

    • Hi Larry – I’m so glad you really considered coming. For sure Guy, Mami and Leo will come back some time in the next two years. So renew your passport and it will be something we can all look forward to.

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