4 February 2016

2016-02-04 gardenia 2  R

This one flower perfumed my whole house for two days.  When I mentioned it to Austin, he remarked how unusual it is:  not that one gardenia can fill a house, but that gardenias are even blooming now.  They are a November flower.

2016-02-04 gardenia 1 R

The plants are off-schedule because of the changed rain pattern.

2016-02-04 orchid house  R

Also to do with flowers, the Orchid House is still going.

2016-02-04 orchid spray  R

And one precocious orchid has put out its FIRST SPRAY.   (I’ll get a photo next week of the opened buds)

2016-02-04 great goose roundup 1  R



This is the big news of the week.  The goose pen got made and so we moved all but one of the geese to their new home.  (Remember the gosling who bonded to the chicks – he wouldn’t join the gaggle.)   Walking the geese over was a whole family affair.   Here you see Junia leading the way down the hill.

2016-02-04 great goose roundup 2  R

Down the hill and over, they come to the gate of their fence.

2016-02-04 great goose roundup 3  R

They jumped in the pond and were back out by the time I got there.  We threw some feed onto the pond for the talapia.

2016-02-04 great goose roundup 4  R

And the geese retraced their steps trying to get out of their new paradise.  They have no gratitude!

2016-02-04 great goose roundup 5  R

By and by a few of them found their new feed bowl.

2016-02-04 great goose roundup 6  R

And the whole gaggle crowded around – at which time the rest of us sneaked away.

*     *     *

Two more odd, and oddly related, photos in my camera this week.

The more recent …. more bare feet in Sigatoka.  Maybe I’m the only person who thinks it is funny to see people barefoot in town.

2016-02-04 more bare feet  R

This is some fellow Akka was talking with at the bus stand.   But half the time when Junia goes to town, this could be Junia….   And here is the other photo I took early in the week and forgot all about:

2016-02-04 diabetes poster  R

How freaky!   That is more than 700 amputations a year here!   I wonder if any of it is related to paucity of good shoes?

*     *     *




2 thoughts on “4 February 2016

  1. I enjoyed this issue of the blog Kim. Being a diabetic I was amazed about the loss of limbs of people in Fiji. My father lost both legs before he died, but it was because of lack of control of his blood sugar. It is a tough disease. Any infection is magnified by the blood sugar. I enjoyed seeing the gaggle of geese. I think they are very territorial, so I’m sure they were a little concerned by the new environment. They settle in quickly however. I enjoyed seeing the orchids. Every year I start out with a blooming stock, and at the end of the season, I have succeeded in killing them. You have the perfect climate for them, I imagine. Hope you are well. I’m not sure I am going to make the trip. I have been having a little setback on my pancreas problem. LG

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